Wardrobe Architect – Week 4

Week 4 is about creating silhouettes. I have a pretty good gut instinct about what I feel great in (assuming I listen to it), so I’m combining this with more of the Vivienne Files’ Starting From Scratch wardrobe building steps. Today, I’m focusing on steps 4, 6, and 7. I’m skipping step 5, which is an accessory step, because my purpose for this exercise is more about creating a focused guideline for my fabric purchases and sewing.

Step 4 is adding jeans and a shirt. I love jeans, and the are probably the most-worn item in my wardrobe. I tend to prefer a dark wash denim and almost exclusively stick with blue; however, this exercise has you picking the jeans in the primary neutral, which intrigued me. I would love a pair of charcoal gray jeans! I don’t even know why I hadn’t thought of it! I would most likely stick with either a skinny or boot-cut jean, but may also go for a fun trouser jean that would be nice for work. For a button-up shirt, I really only wear long sleeves if I want something to feel more cozy (like flannel or chambray) or for layering purposes. I prefer my blouses to be short or cap-sleeved. So this is what I came up with:


Addition of white shirt and gray jeans

Step 6 is adding accent color tops (I’m omitting the scarf for now – I’m still on the fence about their place in my wardrobe). So here are my aqua and coral colored tops added to the mix:


Accent color tops

I love the subtle polka dots in that aqua top and love how both the aqua and the lace coral could be dressed up or down. I’m currently working on a woven tee pattern that I can see made up in so many different fabrications.

Step 7 is adding in the second neutral:


Pants and cardigan in second neutral

So there is my plan so far. The cardigans I’m just adding for visualization purposes. RTW cardigans don’t always fit me very well (gorilla arms, here!), but making them are not completely out of the realm of possibility either. A couple of ponte cardigans may materialize on that to-sew list.


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