Wardrobe Architect – Week 3

I’m jumping right into the next topic, because I can! Week 3 in the Wardrobe Architect project is all about exploring shapes. The worksheet was a matrix where you filled in the styles that make you feel most comfortable – identifying the shapes and style lines of a garment that make you happiest.

I prefer my clothes somewhat fitted in general, and sometimes slightly looser depending on the style. This goes for most items, be it tops, jackets, cardigans, and pants. Nothing cropped, and nothing too short.

For dresses, I prefer the bodice to be fitted with a looser skirt that skims over the lumpy bits. My favorite types of skirts are those that are somewhat fitted at the top and flare out slightly at the bottom (either gored or a slight A-line).

For pants, my preferences run the gamut from skinny cigarette pants to wide-leg. I like them well-fitted, but not overly fitted. No muffin-top here!

I like it when the waistline is a bit lower than my natural waist – except I do love empire-waist dresses and find those to be the most comfortable when the skirt portion is sleek enough to not make me look pregnant.

Necklines: V-neck is my favorite, with U-, scoop, boat, cowl necklines all coming in closely behind.

Sleeves: Cap sleeves are my favorite, but I don’t have a sleeve length that makes me particularly uncomfortable.

These are all things that I already knew about myself, thankfully. For all the help I need in determining what I want my wardrobe to be, I have a very good handle on the general style lines and shapes that I am most comfortable in – and any time I try to stray from those I usually find myself wishing I had just stuck with my gut instinct.

Onto Starting From Scratch…I’m skipping Step 2, because I am good on shoes. Step 3 is a Cardigan and Tee in the same neutral color as the pants. This is the general look I came up with.


This is a great starting point when it comes to building a cohesive wardrobe from the ground up, but I will be honest when I say that I would never wear all three of these pieces together as a single outfit. One of the things I am working to avoid is a wardrobe of “gray and boring.” So the tee and trousers with a colored jacket would be great, as would a brightly-colored top with the trousers and cardigan.

Until next time!


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