Wardrobe Architect

After yesterday’s post, I was doing some further reading and came across the Wardrobe Architect. Now, I know that I’m about 7 months late to the game here, but just reading through the Week 1 post really struck a chord that is in line with what I posted yesterday and where I am in my personal journey, “YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU LOOK AT.”

I know, when specifically referenced in the Colleterie blog series, this is more about all the “pretty” we are inundated with on a daily basis in regard to fashion – but it goes so much more beyond just clothes!!! So I felt compelled to mention it. I won’t go into a diatribe about unhealthy body image, or unrealistic beauty standards, or anything else that could be read into that statement. I will focus on clothes since the primary purpose of this blogging journey is really to rebuild my wardrobe from the ground up. And I’m now kicking myself for not having found the Wardrobe Architect sooner…but perhaps I wasn’t ready to see it before last night.

So I’m going on my own Wardrobe Architect journey. I have stated my truths, I know what generally looks good on me and works well for my body – and what doesn’t. I’m no longer trying to fit a mold that is not a reflection of the amazing work of art that is me. And I want a wardrobe that I can be proud of and that I will wear!

So I am off to work on week 1 – all about making my style more personal. Oh yeah baby, here we go!

Image courtesy of Google

Image courtesy of Google


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