Hosh and Shandiin…for a turtle??

Shhhh, don’t tell my 6-year old (who is currently at “Camp Grandma”) that I dressed up his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in clothes…GIRL clothes, no less! Granted, these are for his beloved B – a little girl who he wishes were his own sister. She just turned one, which is a momentous occasion in itself – significantly more so for this little nugget as she had a complicated entrance into this world. Such an occasion deserves a new outfit and, as I’ve said before, this family is probably the ONLY family (aside from my own, natch) that I will sew for – no questions asked.

We can keep a secret, right?

We can keep a secret, right?

After seeing all the adorable versions of the Hosh Pants and Shandiin Tank in the interwebs, I went for it. You can see more about the pants in this post. The picture was crap, so here is a better view of both the fabric and the details. I am not going to do a full-on review at this point as there are dozens of them out there and these patterns are not difficult. The most difficult part was finding buttonhole elastic – which I repurposed from some of Drew’s old pants in the giveaway pile. Sorry kid that would have otherwise inherited those pants…I had a bigger purpose.

This is a much better representation of the color and design in these pants

This is a much better representation of the color and design in these pants

I love this fabric…and I actually found a smaller piece that I am thinking about using to make myself a pencil skirt instead – since the jeans were clearly not meant to be. Here is a shot of the buttonhole elastic and the aqua waistband binding and button:


Now onto the Shandiin. This tank is so stinking cute I just can’t get over it! And it was really quick to make – I whipped it up from start-to-finish (including taping and tracing the pattern) in an evening. And that includes the breaks I took for dinner, an hour of calming down the dog after an airplane flew overhead, and answering random questions from the hubby who was getting bored right about the time I was finishing this up. So yeah, it’s quick! The fabrics are some quilting cottons I picked up at Hobby Lobby when they first opened in our town, specifically with this top in mind.



Front View

Front View

Back View

Back View

Can you see my “oopsie?” Yeah, I didn’t notice until it was DONE (not even when I was topstitching, what the…?) that the bands on the front and back didn’t match – as in, they aren’t even the same colors! Oh well, it’s for a one-year old and I kinda dig it, so I left it alone. She won’t know the difference, and I can say it’s a design feature…I work for a software company in my day job and we frequently joke about that – it’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Yeah, I’m gonna go with it.

One last shot of Leonardo dressed like a girl, because it’s just too funny.


Parting shot: Fashion sketches. These are so much fun, but it’s clear that I am no artist. Nonetheless, I am enjoying playing around with this little sketchbook and being able to flesh out some ideas for future makes. Especially since I really need basics, but lately I’ve been having trouble conceptualizing how to make those basics and still feel like there is something special about my wardrobe. Just drawing a t-shirt or a pair of jeans in this book has really helped me to think about all the different possibilities in those basics. The only thing I don’t love about this notebook is you can still see the form lines underneath. I think the more expensive Fashionary is a little less obvious in the outline department…but you get what you pay for and beggars can’t be choosers and all that jazz, ya know? It’s still fun and it totally gets the job done. I should invest in better colored pencils, though – that much I do know.



Happy 4th of July everyone! Stay safe and have fun!!


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