Jeans were a disaster, I moved on and finished the top for my OAL2014 outfit and it is great! It doesn’t look so perfect on the dress form, but it’s really cute and I’ll post pics of me in the top when I do my full OAL photo shoot next month!

IMG_0169 (2)

The Simplicity 1810 top was the perfect palate cleanser and this really cool multi-colored ikat-ish rayon challis I got at Joann is so cool! It was a bit wonky to cut, but a dream to sew and press. After reading some reviews and blog posts on this top, I opted to omit the neckline facing and just did bias binding on the neck and armholes. I also added 1 1/2 inches to the waist and adjusted the dart accordingly. It is a great easy-breezy tank that will look good alone or with a cardi or bolero sweater. I wore it out and about on Sunday while lunching and errands with my boys, if I make this again, there are a few other adjustments I will need to make (mostly lowering the waistline by ANOTHER inch). It’s really cute and comfortable, and while I may not make this exact pattern again anytime soon, I do see more woven tanks in my future. I think Sorbetto will be next on the list.

I also managed to make something amazing from those failed jeans. The Hosh Pants from Lou Bee Clothing, for an adorable little girl I love like my own. I don’t generally sew for anyone other than my own little family, but this doll and her mama are clear exceptions. My BFF is the first person I ever sewed anything for aside from myself – I made her prom dress our senior year of high school. I also made her wedding dress, maternity scrubs (she’s a nurse) when she was pregnant with her daughter, and a whole bunch of baby stuff for her little miracle girl who just turned one last week.


The color is really black and gray, but needed to be a bit washed out to see the great design in the stretch denim

I won’t be able to attend the birthday party this weekend since they live in another state, 15 hours away, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have a great gift from her “auntie” Jamie. These pants should be perfect for the climate when she is big enough to wear them. She was 3lbs at birth, born several weeks premature, and has been aggressively catching up ever since. These pants should fit just as the Phoenix “winter” hits, as I cut the smallest size – 12 month.

I was originally going to cut these from the wadded jeans with the topstitched inseam down the outside, but it resulted in too much bulk at the hem, so I recut from the scraps that was left from the original jeans. I recycled buttonhole elastic from a pair of Drew’s too small pants from the giveaway pile. On the inside, I used cute little aqua buttons and aqua bias binding for the waistband just to give a little interest to the inside. I did cut the waistband pieces on the bias as I used the Jalie waistband to eek those out (the Jalie jeans waistband is cut on the bias). Not recommended AT ALL, but I did manage to steam it all back into shape. I used my serger until one of the needles broke and, being too lazy to change out the needles and rethread it halfway through sewing these pants, I just zig-zagged the remaining seams. They turned out so cute!!!

I am also making the Shandiin Tank to go along with these jeans. I haven’t picked out the fabrics yet – I’ve only gotten as far as printing, taping, and tracing the pattern pieces (also the 12-month size). What I love about this is that it will fit baby B as a dress now, or as a pinafore over a onesie. As she grows, it should fit her as a tank that can be layered over a long sleeve or under a cardigan. I may take a cue from Kadiddlehopper’s dress and add a small ruffle or lace or some other trim to the bottom. As an outfit, she should get a great deal of wear out of these pieces. I will post better photos of the whole outfit once the top is done.

Parting shot: Lookie what I found at Target!!! Crafterhours posted this on Instagram, letting the whole world know that Target is carrying these cute little fashion sketchpads. I had to immediately run out and get mine!



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