Jeans are a wadder…

So these jeans are a disaster….not even worth trying to finish. The fabric is too cute to waste, so I’m going to see if I can salvage something to make a pair of baby jeans for my friend’s daughter.

It started with the pockets. I wanted to use some really pretty silky poly print that I had in the stash to make fun pockets. The first one turned out nicely, but the second one had to be redone (including completely recutting the pocket bag) three times. That should have been my first clue that these were not going to turn out, but I took a break for the night and trudged on.

I thought that it was due to having had a long day at work and being foggy-brained, so the next evening I decided to work on the fly. I don’t know if it was because I was trying to modify my standard method of fly insertion to work with a pattern with a cut-on fly facing. Maybe I should have followed the Jalie instructions, or drafted a separate fly facing. Maybe it was the low rise, who knows. The fly is terrible.

The inseam went OK, but when I went to sew up the side seams, nothing lined up. I checked my pattern and it doesn’t line up either – so I think I may have traced the wrong back piece. I know I should have checked before I cut out my fabric, but I didn’t. I’ve been in a brain fog for the better part of a week and I should have known better than to force myself to push through on this make despite the fact that I’ve been having so much trouble concentrating. Today is the first day that I’ve started to feel a little more like myself, and it’s unfortunate that these jeans are not going to be salvageable. I was really looking forward to these jeans for my OAL, but I am dedicated to making a pair of jeans – so I’ll be on the lookout for suitable denim for another pair. Next time I will be more diligent about checking the pattern first to make sure everything was done correctly 🙂


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  1. gmariesews

    oh – I’m so sorry. The fabric was so cute and the pocket flaps were adorable! I hope you find another super cute denim. g

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