Outfit Along 2014 in full swing!

I’ve already posted much of my knitting progress over on the Ravelry group for the OAL2014, but thought I would share here as well. This is the last photo I took of my progress on Myrna – posted to my Instagram – and I’m quite a bit farther along than the picture represents, but you can see how nicely this yarn is knitting up.

I love how this is turning out – Malabrigo Rios is a dream to work with, and the colorway is exactly what I had envisioned when I set out to make this cardigan.

It really feels like the stars are aligned, as I have finally figured out the rest of the outfit! I have changed my mind (again!) on the top fabric from what I had originally posted on IG. I’ll share that later, but here is a sneak peek of my jeans’ back pocket flap with embroidery…the fabric is really fun and I’m playing around with some different things on the pockets and flaps. I digitized the design from a sketch I did based on some ideas I found on the Internet. I’m topstitching everything with a dark gray topstitch thread (as opposed to the triple stitch in standard thread as I did on my last pair). I like the outcome better than the triple stitch in regular sewing thread that I did on my last pair, even if it means switching out the thread more often.



I did try to use the Singer 20U to do topstitching, and doing all the assembly on my Brother, but the clutch motor on the Singer pretty much eliminated all control I had on some of the tight corners and I had to redo the pocket flaps three times before I was happy with it (maybe one day Santa will bring me a servo motor…). It’s like learning how to drive a car – you have to really learn and practice and become adept at handling the gas pedal and brake until you get very good at maintaining speed and slowing to a stop smoothly. The same thing with this Singer – and I just don’t have the patience to play with it enough to learn how to accurately handle the pedal to have the kind of control I would like. I have an embroidery thread stand for the Brother that I have been using to hold all the thread spools for this project and it allows me to quickly move back and forth between the sewing and topstitching threads with only minimal effort. I have it down to where I can switch between the different threads thread in 30 seconds or less, so it’s not too bothersome.

This is my second pair of the Jalie 2908 jeans. This time I’m doing the low rise and I drafted flaps for the back pocket. I cut them out as flares, but I may narrow the legs. I haven’t decided yet, and I probably won’t until the last possible second. Also, if I had purchased another yard, I would have been able to at least align the design across the legs, but I didn’t bother doing any pattern matching/alignment. Hopefully I won’t regret that, the pattern is so busy that despite the fact that it’s a small repeat, it may not matter. I still need to get some rivets (I saw some really cute crystal rivets at the Quilt Expo last weekend, so I may have to order some for these jeans. I also need to decide on buttons. And I’m already making plans for the next pair, which I plan on being more casual with some distressing!

I also have the top muslined, changes made, and the fabric ready to go – just need to cut it out and sew. I may make the top this weekend just so I have something new and fun to wear next week. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m getting better at making notes in an organized manner as I sew so that I don’t keep making the same mistakes when I make another version of a pattern. Now that I am getting much more involved in sewing my wardrobe (that is my big goal for the upcoming years), and building a collection of TNT and go-to patterns for various types of garments, I have assembled a sewing notebook. It’s still a work in progress and I may change it, but I’m taking a cue from the bullet journal idea and adapting it to my sewing using a sewing notebook template I found for free online some time ago and then tweaked for my own purposes. For now, it’s in a 3-ring binder, but once I have figured out a format that works for me, I will probably create a bound notebook that is adaptable enough to house notes for all my fiberly endeavors. I’ll post more on that when I actually have something worth sharing.


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