Jalie jeans in action

Today I wore the Jalie jeans. I.AM.IN.LOVE! These are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn, especially given how fitted they are. Most of my very fitted jeans look great, but are not very comfortable. After an entire day, these feel like pajamas, but still look great! I was also a little afraid that they would be uncomfortable sitting at my desk all day since I did add the stay tape to the fold of the waistband and they were a little snug at first. But even though the waistband is still nice and snug, it’s not uncomfortably so. These sit right at my waist and if nothing else, they reminded me not to do too much snacking at my desk!


Pardon the cell phone pics – including the bathroom selfies. I’ve washed it out a bit so you can see a few of the backside wrinkles from the side. I will fix those in my next version – the front is pretty much perfect.


I was concerned that I was going to have bagged-out knees or a saggy butt at the end of the day given the amount of stretch, but these have held up surprisingly well! I really wish I had more of this denim so I could make a pair of skinnies. For a test garment (not a muslin, as they were either going to be completely amazing, or a total wadder), I really hit it out of the ballpark in terms of wearability!

To dress things up a bit, I wore my McCall’s 5397 cap-sleeve jacket that I made a couple of years ago. This is the second jacket I have ever made, and I’m still learning as I go. The fit in the upper front is not ideal (really, it’s not so bad, although I should have cut a size smaller at the top, tapering to the larger size at the waist/hip area and done a FBA), but I love this jacket just the same and wear it all the time. The fabric is a charcoal gray RPL that I purchased when I was pregnant with my son, so of course I have forgotten where exactly it came from! I’m toying around with making a more casual summer version.


I’m still getting used to putting photos of ME wearing my garments up here. It’s part of the reason why I took a 5-year blogging hiatus. I am much more comfortable in my own skin (and putting it out there for the world to see) than I was back then. I think I’ll be playing around with my tripod this weekend, in addition to working on my OAL!

ETA: I just noticed the funny knee wrinkles in the first picture. The knees are bagging out the tiniest bit after 10 hours of wear, and the rest is a combination of the length (they are a smidge too long for the shoes I was wearing) and the way I was standing. When I wear them with higher heels (which they were hemmed for) and don’t have my knees cocked to the sides like they are (which was really more because I felt totally awkward standing in the lobby of my office taking pictures). Time to find myself a signature pose!


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