So it’s already week 2 of Project Sewn and I don’t have any completed items to submit for the sew-along. Oh well, best laid plans, amirite?? I DID, however, get to wear my brand new Frankenpattern culottes to Mother’s Day brunch. They are FANTABULOUS!! And my first finished, wearable pair of pants that I’ve made since I was in high school (back when I was a perfect size 6/8 and only had to add length to anything) I will get a picture of me in them when I eventually wear them to work.

In other news, my zipper arrived so I will be able to finish up my jacket (that was supposed to be part of my week 1 outfit for the Project Sewn sew-along), no movement on the rest of the outfit. It’s really getting to be too warm for a wool/tweed suit anyway – today I’m wearing my favorite super lightweight T-shirt bomber jacket (RTW that still looks good, but feels on the verge of being unwearable, so I need to copy it STAT) and I’m BOILING, even in my usually cold office!

Almost finished with my week 2 outfit, but I’m fighting with the invisible zipper and my lack of a suitable foot for my new machine with which to insert it. I know you can do it with a regular zipper foot, but I’m still learning the settings and needle positioning and it’s just not working right…I am thinking about hooking up the skinny zipper foot to one of the vintage Singers and see if that works a little better, but I’m waiting on the shipment of feet for the Brother to fill in the gaps between what came with it, and what I had with my Janome. So the skirt lies in wait.

Soooo, in the meantime I pulled out the Jalie stretch jeans pattern and will probably get that traced off and altered tonight (the 31.5″ inseam is going to be WAYYYY too short for this 5’10” gal) and see if I can’t get started on my first-ever pair of jeans! Who needs Fearless February when I have been having a Fearless April and May?!?!?!


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  1. gmariesews

    pictures, please – I need pictures! I’m feeling the same lack of production so far this month. Need to close the laptop and do something about that. g

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