Totally off plan!!

I had every intention of my next make to be the Lady Skater, but I haven’t even pulled fabric off the shelf for that one yet! While I (impatiently) await the arrival of the zipper to finish my jacket (according to USPS, it should arrive tomorrow), I decided to switch out my serger thread and finish up a test skirt and tackle a pair of cropped slacks. The skirt is Simplicity 2451. Since Simplicity’s skirt sizing all seems to be pretty consistent with me, I went ahead and just checked the measurements and dove right in!



I posted the fabric in a snapshot of my mad weekend cutting. The fabric on the left – a brown and aqua floral cotton chintz that I got probably close to 10 years ago. I’m hoping it doesn’t scream “old lady curtains” when I’m done…but it’s more or less a test of how this style will look on me to determine if I want to use this pattern for the coordinating skirt for my tweed jacket, or if I want to use my TNT (Simplicity 2655). I really love that the Simplicity above has pockets and the flared look without the circle peplum at the bottom like my TNT. I’m hoping this will become a new TNT as this refined, flared style of skirt is very flattering on me!

I also made a quick muslin of Simplicity 1918 and made several tweaks to try and make the back fit properly. I love cropped pants. I know, they aren’t for everyone, but I really love them – especially since I don’t like to wear shorts and it’s usually too hot for long pants in the summer. In the right fabrication, they can be totally work appropriate for me.


I learned a long time ago, during a failed experiment of the Hot Patterns Funky Cuffed Culottes that I look best with an “L” shaped crotch curve in pants. The Culottes failed for only two reasons – the rise was WAY too low, and the waistband needed to be curved rather than straight as drafted. The backside on the other hand, practically perfect. I have held onto that failed make for years, hoping that one day I can revisit the pattern and make it work for me. I never felt like going back and fixing either of those things and then it hit me. All the things I didn’t like about the HP Culottes were perfect in this Simplicity Amazing Fit pattern – and all the things I didn’t love about the Simplicity were perfect in the HP. So I decided to morph them together. I’m really hoping it works, but I was basically able to get all the elements I love about the HP pattern onto something that will hopefully fit great. I am using some leftover grayish-brown brushed twill suiting fabric for my test frankenpattern. If it works, then I want to find some stretch twill in a fun color to make a pair styled more like the photo above from the pattern envelope.

I don’t know who all has tried these Amazing Fit patterns, this was my first time and so far I’m not in love. The concept is good, borrowed from the A/B/C cup size patterns. These patterns have separate pieces for slim, average, and curvy fits. My measurements put me in the curvy category, my hips are far from curvy enough for it! I took 2″ off the widest part of the hips just to get them to not look like jodhpurs. I’ve never had wide hips in proportion to the rest of my body, but I am much more hourglass since becoming a mother. I think that my measurements require the rise of the curvy, with the hip curve of the slim. It will definitely be something I need to trial-and-error a bit more to determine exactly how to make these patterns work for me. I’m hopeful that once I figure out the magic formula, I can carry that forward to the other Amazing Fit patterns I have in the collection.


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