Do you follow Project Sewn?

Because I sure do! I love the interesting challenges and seeing all the ways that the uber-talented contestants interpret those challenges into their personal aesthetic. I also love all the sew-along posts and seeing what everyone else out there makes of the challenges. This season, I will attempt to join in the fun! Now, I say attempt only because my last few efforts to join in on a sew-along have failed miserably (machine-less Fearless February, anyone?). But I have some ideas a’brewing that I want to see to fruition even if they do not materialize during the challenge weeks. Here is the Project Sewn post where they list out all the challenges, but I’ve also listed them below:

Week 1 – The Leading Ladies Challenge. Garments inspired by our favorite leading ladies from film.

Week 2 – Floral Frenzy Challenge. Create a look inspired by the Spring floral trend.

Week 3 – Going Global Challenge. Gather inspiration from a country and use those inspirations to create a look.

Week 4 – Signature Style Week. Show off your signature style and personal strengths in a uniquely-you look!

Lately, my sewing has been to replace RTW items in my closet that are ill-fitting or in need of replacement. But I also have a desperate need for work attire as my role at my job is changing dramatically and will require me to dress more professionally than I have been in the past. Although, my job is not “corporate” in the sense where black suits are required; I currently wear jeans and nice tops and can continue to do so if I wish. Despite this, I wish to dress “up” more than I do. I have much more flexibility and can epitomize the idea of “West Coast professional” in my daily outfits. I fully plan to take these inspirations and make some items that will fit both in the vein of the challenge, and in my new role at work. I am still finalizing my plans and fabric choices and will post those as soon as they are complete.


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