Switching gears

So I finished the tweaks on my Lekala blouse and wore it a second time. It was so much better with just those couple tiny alterations. I transferred the changes to my pattern pieces and am all ready for the next iteration. But that may be a little while.

I decided I wanted to tackle another RTW replacement, this time a fitted, button-up linen top. It’s a navy blue linen top with coconut buttons and was purchased for my 10 year high school reunion…before I had my son. It’s one of my favorite items and I wear it at least once every two weeks, and it shows! New Look 6704, View B (now out of print) is almost an exact replica of my beloved top. I briefly mentioned this pattern in this post, along with a photo of the dusty aqua linen/rayon from Fabric.com that will be used to replicate it. (For reference, the white that I showed in that post is what I ended up using for my Lekala blouse).

I made a quick muslin of size 20, which is based on my high bust measurement for better fit in the shoulders, and discovered that the only real alteration I will need to make is to lower the bust point on the front princess seam by 1″. My method of doing this was to add 1″ to the top of the front pieces where they meet the front yoke and then raising/redrawing the armhole by the same 1″ and then taking 1″ off the hem since the length was perfect as drafted. I realized AFTER I cut out my linen that I forgot to make the same alteration on the back pieces to match up the waistline, but seeing as how there isn’t a huge amount of waist shaping, and I’m out of fabric, I am going to take my chances.

Everything is cut out and marked and I want to get it done and off my plate ASAP so that I can try and participate in the Project Sewn sew-along. I already have some pretty neat ideas for some of the challenges – this should be interesting to see how it plays out and if I will be able to find the time to sew along with each challenge.


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