The wear test

I put the buttonholes and buttons on my Lekala blouse last night so I could wear it today. The wearability test is always what determines the success in a make, right? It still needs a few tweaks, so I may have been a tiny bit premature in calling this a TNT, but it will get there!

I like the fit in the shoulder and the sleeves, but need to remove the extra 1/2″ that I added to the side seams below the arm. That should eliminate some of the bagginess I get around the bust and midsection and make it fit a little more smoothly. I need to pin it out first to see if I want to add some additional waist shaping as it feels a little boxy. I will also need to add some shaping in the center back. I have a RTW top in my closet that I will use to help me with the shaping on the sides and back.

The next make will need at least 1″ added to the bottom as well, but the length on this make is passable. I want the next make to have a curved hem, so will use the same RTW top noted above to trace out a new hem option. It shouldn’t take me too long to get this one exactly how I want, transfer to the pattern, and then I should be set!


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