Hallelujah, the fabric is tamed!

I’ve mentioned before that my fabric collection was a little out of control. It pales in comparison to some of the more prolific collectors in blogland, but for my home and needs it was in desperate need of reduction. Over the past couple of days I have gone through every inch of fabric to determine if it makes the cut or finds a new home. I looked at it all with a critical eye and got rid of those pieces that do not suit me or those I will be sewing for. The only other criteria were that everything (save for a few large pieces of coating) fit in the sewing loft. Yesterday, I achieved that goal and eliminated four very large bags of fabric from the collection. I even have room on the shelves to spare as I have not yet relocated some of the bins and books that are on the shelves now. I still need to actually organize it by use, right now it’s more organized to how it was stored in bins, boxes, and bags…but this is a huge improvement!




The rolling bins in front will be emptied and the contents stored under the counter. These will be re-purposed as Lego storage for the boy. For now I will just wheel them around as I need to since they aren’t really going to be in the way until I am able to start sewing again. There is also still a lot of general organizing and cleanup to do, but I am really pleased at the progress. Till next time!


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