Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

I just got back from an awesome whirlwind trip to Phoenix to see my good friend and to give her the diaper bag. She said it was everything she thought she wanted/needed in a diaper bag, which made me SO happy! It was honestly everything that I had personally wanted in a diaper bag, but when I was pregnant I had absolutely NO desire to sew. It’s actually taken me a couple of years since my son was born before I started getting any real desire to sew for myself again.

I didn’t leave Phoenix empty-handed. Although my main available shopping day was Sunday, and every non-chain fabric store in town is closed, I still managed to sneak a few gems into my suitcase from SAS Fabrics on my way to the airport. 


On the left is a really nice cotton tropical print in burgundy, black, and white. Next is the softest, squishiest, black jersey ever. It’s slightly slubby and my thought is it’s modal or a blend, but I need to run some tests on it first. On the right is a white jersey with a leopard/cheetah print burnout design. It’s really subtle and will make a nice casual tee. Not a bad hall for having less than an hour to shop that huge warehouse! I know how the folks on Project Runway feel now!

Up next, some selfish sewing. I can’t wait!


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