What I have been doing…is not sewing

I wish I were able to spend more time in the sewing room, but there will be very little activity this month. We have spent the past few weekends working on little man’s bedroom. He just turned 5 and desperately wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bedroom. Ask and you shall receive, my son!

There was a dire need for organization of the five million toys that come with being an only child and the only grandchild on both sides. With this in mind, we gutted his room, repainted, installed new blinds, and installed a reconfigurable closet organizer. It currently holds his toys and games, but can easily change to accommodate our needs as he gets older. I don’t have a before picture because it was really not in great shape due to a houseguest who previously stayed in this room while the boy was still in his nursery.

Here are a couple of “during” shots:


The paint color is “Tea Stain” by Valspar. Is a little gray, a little green, and a whole lot of subtle. I love it! We have to wait another week or two before we can put up the vinyl decals and really make it a “Turtles” room. Little man is as impatient as his momma – it was everything I could do to not just say “screw it” and put up the decals the next day!


The closet in progress. I completely reorganized his toys and so far he’s been great about keeping his room clean and the toys in their designated spaces. It’s been a couple of weeks now, let’s hope it sticks.

Needless to say, not a lot of sewing has been happening. Our plan is to do mini makeovers in every room. Gutting, purging, and organizing. Maybe some painting, but mostly just deep spring cleaning. I have a few items for the BFF that I need to finish before my trip to Phoenix in just over a week, but my other projects will all be waiting until probably April.


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