Map yourself!


How cool is this? I’ve seen this all over the blososphere and I finally pinned my own location (Sadly, there is nobody else pinned in my community and only one other person in Nevada…8 hours away. Hopefully that will change as this goes viral!).

Vicki at Another Sewing Scientist spearheaded this awesome Google Maps project where all of us fiber fanatics (or whatever you prefer to call yourselves) can pin our location and find others in our area…or any other area we may be visiting. It’s a great way to see how we are all connected in addition to our love of sewing, fashion, and other fiberly pursuits. Here is the link to the original post and instructions on how to add yourself if you haven’t already!




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3 responses to “Map yourself!

  1. It is so nice to see another sewcialist blogger in the state! Wish there were more, and we weren’t so far away.

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