Weekend sewing blitz

This weekend, I was supposed to take a solo trip to Las Vegas, but a flare up of tendonitis coupled with a separated shoulder detailed my plans. The orthopedic surgeon wanted me to continue using my shoulder as long as my pain threshold allows and I realized since I do most sewing and cutting with my left hand I would use my extended weekend to finish up some projects. I finished up the scrubs, a nursing cover, a receiving blanket, and a quick quilt. That was just Saturday. My shoulder was a bit sore by the end of the day, but held up pretty well.

Two packages ready to be boxed up and mailed.


The back is plaid flannel, the front is camo John Deere tractors. Wrapped inside are some Arbonne baby products.


This is navy maternity scrubs, a nursing cover and receiving blanket for one of my BFFs.


Pardon the wrinkled fabric, but this will be a surprise diaper bag for the same BFF. This photo was taken with the fabric straight out of the dryer.


I have some jeans and a boucle jacket on the cutting table and a couple of knit tops planned. I also need to post photos of my most recent finished projects for me that have been done for a couple of weeks.


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