Maternity clothes

When I was pregnant, I had no energy or motivation to sew anything for myself. So my dear friend asked me to make her a maternity dress and some maternity scrubs. Since I bought a bunch of patterns for my own pregnancy I decided to let her have free reign of any of them that she may have wanted for her own garment. She chose Vogue 2750 which, to my surprise, can be made in woven or a stable knit. Knit will be perfect for two main reasons: 1) she lives in another state; and 2) she has some specific fit challenges.


Here are the patterns I’ll be using for the scrubs. The pants will be from Kwik Sew 3325 and the top from Simplicity 3645 (out of print).

K3324 S3645

And here is the relatively boring (although required for her job) navy fabric for the scrubs


Green Lantern figurine not included 🙂

I had to special order the patterns since the Simplicity is out of print and none of my local stores had the Kwik Sew in stock (in fact, none of my local stores seem to carry any of the maternity patterns anymore!). As soon as the patterns arrive I’ll get cracking! In the meantime, I have been working on a quilt for our bedroom that I’ll post about another time.


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