Diet Couture?

I came up with this name a few years ago, but was never able to do much with it. A full time job, full time graduate school, a toddler, and family obligations prevented me from being able to do much for myself. Now that I am done with grad school and my little guy is about to start elementary school, I am finding that I have free time again! Hooray!! I am filling some of that free time building my Arbonne business and the rest I have taken to knitting and sewing again. My husband and I redecorated my sewing/office loft space and I can finally dig into that fabric collection that has been marinating since I was pregnant.

The idea behind Diet Couture is multi-faceted. I have worked hard to completely overhaul my diet and adopt a healthier lifestyle. It also reflects the fact that I have couture tastes, but a Diet Coke budget in all aspects of my life. This will be my attempt at bettering myself – my life, my health, my wardrobe – inside and out. Being a better wife, a better mom, a better me! Join me on my journey and let the adventure begin!


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